December 17, 2013

K2V-Cup for Keurig Vue Brewers - Use Any K-Cup in Vue Brewers

K2v cup shot box

The K2V-Cup allows you to use any K-Cup in a Keurig Vue brewer. The K2V-Cup is a 2 in 1 Coffee reusable Coffee Cup. You can use any K-Cup in your Keurig Vue Machine, and you can use your own coffee in the Keurig Vue by filling the Eco-Fill - a reusable K-Cup which comes with the K2V-Cup. 

We received a K2V-Cup to try out in our Keurig Vue brewer, and it quickly transformed our Vue brewer into a K-Cup powerhouse. We tried a variety of K-Cups and results were always a great cup of coffee every time. We also used the Eco-Fill combined with the K2V-Cup to use our own coffee, and the coffee produced was excellent.

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December 16, 2013

Puzzle Coffee Table


Puzzle coffee table shows just how challenging furniture can be and still be useful. Simply called the 4x6, this puzzle coffee table is inspired by what's known as a Burr Puzzle. The puzzle coffee table comes as a collection of 24 pieces that requires a very specific methodology to assemble. After spending almost $575 on this piece, you'll be absolutely determined to solve it even if it takes you a few cups of single serve coffee.

Via Gizmodo  at Praktrik

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December 13, 2013

Maxwell House Expands Flavored Coffee K-Cups in Cafe Collection Line

0004300005773 500X500

Maxwell House has 2 new offerings for K-Cup Brewers in their Cafe Collection line - Maxwell House Café Collection Vanilla Hazelnut K-Cups and Maxwell House Café Collection Mocha K-Cups.

  • Maxwell House Café Collection Vanilla Hazelnut - A delicious blend of smooth vanilla flavor and nutty-sweet aroma, made from 100% Arabica beans. Roast: Mild Available in: 12 Single Serve Cup Package and 18 Single Serve Cup Package     
  • Maxwell House Café Collection Mocha - Lightly roasted with the perfect balance of coffee and chocolate flavor for a rich, flavorful experience made from 100% Arabica beans. Roast: Mild Available in: 12 Single Serve Cup Package and 18 Single Serve Cup Package

Thanks to AB for sending this in, and we hope to sample these in the future.

At Maxwell House Café Collection Vanilla Hazelnut K-Cups and Maxwell House Café Collection Mocha K-Cups

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December 12, 2013

Trader Joe's Single Serve Coffee Cups

Trader joes k cups

Long time reader SC has sent in word that Trader Joe’s has single cups that will work in any K-Cup Brewer.

From SC: Yesterday, visiting the Trader Joe's store in Hyannis, MA  I came across 'Trader Joe's single serve coffee cups' on their new product shelves. The box is marked medium roast 100% arabica coffee. A box of 7 individually foil wrapped units was $ 2.99. The unit itself is a thin, see through plastic film topped, plastic open framed basket lined with filter material. I have not yet tried the coffee but upon opening the foil wrapper I was rewarded with a nice, bright coffee aroma which got my mouth watering.

SC later tried the medium roast coffee and was not that impressed. Have you tried the Trader Joe’s single cups? What do you think?

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December 11, 2013

Starbucks Is Coming to a Train Near You

Starbucks rail 5

Looking for more ways to take over the entire coffee market, Starbucks and a swiss based company have created the first Starbucks store on a train. The first official voyage for the Starbucks train took place on the train line running from Geneva Airport to St.Gallen in Switzerland on November 21 at 06:36am.

  • The exterior of the sleek red and white car is branded with Starbucks siren logo on both sides including ‘Starbucks’ text. 
  • Inside, the experience on the car is split between two levels. The two levels provide seating for a total of 50 people.
  • On the entry level, the baristas will serve passengers from behind a curved wooden bar that also features a small pastry case. 

It’s quite a feat to create the same exact experience of Starbucks on a train, but we think the Swiss are up to the challenge. It would be amazing to have such cars on our commuter trains stateside, and maybe if enough US travelers experience something unique when in Europe some of these ideas may come to us over time.

At All Aboard the First Starbucks on a Train with SBB

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December 10, 2013

Death Cups by Death Wish Coffee Review

Death wish kcups

After our trusted correspondent AB from Maine decided on buying some Death Wish Coffee, the Single Serve Coffee staff pleaded with him for a review of Death Cups by Death Wish Coffee - The World's Strongest Single Serve Coffee Capsules. If you're unfamiliar with Death Wish Coffee - it packs 20% more caffeine per cup. We think you’ll enjoy the results of his deadly pursuit of caffeine nirvana.

Last week for cyber Monday Death Wish coffee was running a deal free shipping and a free hat. Never being one to pass up a deal I decided it was time to try this coffee. Upon receiving my shipment, minus the hat, (GRRRRRR) I decided to try my first review for this website.

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December 9, 2013

Gevalia Pumpkin Spice Latte T-Discs Review


Gevalia PSL Packaging

We realize we’re a bit late to the party with this review, but what the heck… as we always say: better late than never, right? Today we check out one of our favorite new Tassimo flavors this past Fall 2013, Gevalia Pumpkin Spice Latte T-Discs.

As any Starbucks fan knows, there’s 3 letters that get them excited each October… PSL. Traditionally served between October 1st & Thanksgiving (the American version, for our readers up North), PSL or Pumpkin Spice Latte is a fan favorite which has been growing in popularity & demand each year. We knew we’d definitely see it crop up at Starbucks locations, but we were shocked when we got a Tassimo newsletter that had it featured as their next new flavor. So just how would this T-Disc version stack up to the real deal you’d get at a Starbucks? After all, Kraft did have a rather messy split with Starbucks back in the day when they ceased making Starbucks T-Discs, so we were curious to see the results.

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December 6, 2013

What's Your Coffee IQ and Can You Improve It?

Coffee iq quiz

Have you ever wondered - What's Your Coffee IQ? There’s a pretty entertaining quiz which is more informative making you answer questions over at Healthy Living. So if you’ve ever wondered how much per cup you’re paying (no the survey isn’t single serve coffee focused) this is the place for you.

Some highlights for us included:

  • Whole bean and ground coffee will set you back .30 cents a cup versus about .50 cents for single serve coffee
  • Can make you smarter? We know the answer - go find out.

So What's Your Coffee IQ?

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December 5, 2013

Brown Gold 100% Brazilian Real Cups Review


100brazillian brown gold real cups

We finish off our Brown Gold Real Cup review series today by checking out the 5th & final flavor in their line-up that is compatible with all K-Cup Brewers… Brown Gold 100% Brazilian Real Cups. Much like their 100% Costa Rican & 100% Peruvian coffees, we can’t say we’ve ever had a 100% Brazilian coffee before and just the name alone would be enough to make anyone snicker or giggle given what it’s normally associated with, but all joking aside, we can’t recall having coffee that even used Brazilian coffee beans in a blend before, so this should be interesting (or so we hope).

Brewing these Real Cups resulted in a mild woodsy aroma blended with subtle notes of cocoa and very faint smoky hints in the background. There was also something else we couldn’t quite place which gave a bit of an odd musty scent off the top of the nose. Overall, things were a lot more muted than what we were expecting for Brown Gold’s self-proclaimedstrongest flavor.

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December 4, 2013

Avoid Coffee Before Job Interviews

Ku xlarge

Over at Lifehacker they’ve got a pretty cool article on how to Avoid Caffeine Before Interviews for Better Composure. This for us is a no brainer. If you don’t want to be jittery, sweating, and a general mess avoiding stimulants before anything stressful is probably a  great idea. Also the big one - sweaty palms.

"Avoid drinking caffeine before an interview to help prevent the 'sweaty palm syndrome'. Caffeine is anxiety inducing and can make you seem too chatty. Lay off the coffee before you head in for an interview."

However if you’re going for a public relations job and want to seem chatty - then maybe getting hopped upon caffeine is a great idea. Probably not. Have you ever had too much caffeine and it caused you to be too stressed out or sweaty in a situation? We can remember several coffee tastings where we felt a bit overwhelmed and never really thought how much the caffeine was the culprit.

Before interviews it’s best to be well rested, and have a full belly of things non-caffeinated. We also recommend feeling prepared and ready for the interview by researching the person or company you’re talking with and make sure and do a little rehearsal about some topics that might come up. Be prepared and then after you’re done get a nice cup of coffee post interview to sit back and reflect with on how you might get that new job.

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